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Moquettes for vintage railway carriages - 1940s

I currently have few samples to offer from the 1940s; please do forward any further information/colour photos to me.

Bulleid Bournemouth Chocolate & Fawn - Third Class

A chocolate brown version of that shown below, this was used in the 1945 prototype CK (photo in Mike King's book, plate 145), and may have been perpetuated subsequently. The black-and-white photographs detailed below of course do not distinguish between the two colours, but it is thought that the later maroon dominated.

Bulleid Bournemouth Maroon & Fawn - Third Class

Bulleid Bournemouth Maroon Moquette Bulleid Bournemouth Maroon Moquette Used initially for the 1946 Bournemouth 6-coach dining sets and 3-coach L-sets (for Bournemouth-line services and the Atlantic Coast Express) (King, plates 147, 153), it continued to be used extensively by BR(S) on steam and electric stock. It also found its way onto BR(E) and maybe further afield still.

Brown patterned - Third Class

Bown patterned Moquette Bown patterned Moquette in 6686 Bown patterned Moquette Thought to be of late Southern Railway origin, and used into the 1950s, the sample on the left is part of an original seat, whilst those on the right show reproduction material, part of a joint order between the Bluebell, KESR, Swanage and Isle of Wight Railways in the early 1980s. SECR Hundred-seater No.971 carried this moquette when it arrived on the Bluebell in 1963. On the Bluebell the reproduction moquette is now used in the SECR Hundred seaters (it was appropriate when these were in SR Bulleid livery, but less so now they are in lined olive), in Maunsell Brake 6686, and in Bulleid Brake 4279.

The Oakwood Press IoW rolling stock book has a photo on page 164 showing a former SECR carriage, overhauled at Lancing and transferred to the IoW in April 1949. The photo taken a year later shows this moquette.


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