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Carriage & Wagon Works News

SR Maunsell Hastings-line Brake Third No.3687 of 1931

December 2012

3687 on pit, 21 December 2012

Just before Christmas 2012, the coach spent a couple of days on the pit so that a start could be made on setting up the bogies. Dave Clarke

November 2012

Seat being stripped, 28 November 2012

Right: One of the seats obtained by David Wigley from the Severn Valley Railway is being stripped. Once the springs have been removed, the base will be cut down to provide the three aside seating required in the coach's compartments. Dave Clarke

Below: Some additional pictures from November, provided by David Chappell:

Looking south, down the corridor 11 Nov 2012

Above: looking south, down the corridor
Below: the interior of compartment B - and a closer shot of the end of the southern end of the corridor.

The interior of compartment B 11 Nov 2012 A closer shot of the southern end of the corridor 11 Nov 2012

September 2012

Ceiling panels, 2 Septmeber 2012

The ceiling panels have been trial fitted to the lavatory vestibule end of the coach. Dave Clarke

August 2012

Test fitting of seating in 3687 - Dave Clarke - 26 August 2012

First trial fitting of second hand seats. These were recovered when their "original owners" went to the sidings in the sky. Dave Clarke

May 2012

Corridor, 27 May 2012

The corridor is looking more complete every month. Droplights have been fitted to five of the six compartment doors (on the right) and varnished panels below the exterior sidelights. Dave Clarke
Matchboarding in the lavatory, 27 May 2012

Matchboarding in the lavatory. Dave Clarke

Matchboarding in the lavatory, 27 May 2012

Matchboarding in the lavatory. Dave Clarke
Frank Ferris finds a novel use for the steam heat controller, 27 May 2012

Frank Ferris finds a novel use for the steam heat controller. Dave Clarke

November 2011

Freshly varnished panels, 20 November 2011

Freshly varnished panels await fitting to the compartment doors. Dave Clarke
The upper section of moulding has been fitted, 20 November 2011

The upper section of moulding has been fitted above the compartment doors. This conceals the main wire run. Dave Clarke

September 2011

The internal fit out continues, 1 September 2011

The internal fit out continues with the trial fitting of the view frames and luggage rack rubbing strips within each of the six compartments. Dave Clarke

May 2011

Frank Ferris pins one of the new panels, 29 May 2011

Frank Ferris pins one of the new panels above the southern sidelight in Compartment C. Dave Clarke

Upper quarter panel and luggage rubbing strips, 29 May 2011

Upper quarter panel and luggage rubbing strips temporarily fitted in Compartment B. Dave Clarke

July 2009

North end of 3687 with gangway connector in place - 27 June 2009 - Richard Salmon

In spite of the lack of recent updates, progress has been maintained on this project, as seen in these photos taken at the end of June 2009 by Richard Salmon. That on the right shows that the gangway connector has been attached to the north end of the carriage (as has that at the other end), and the exterior panelling has been given a fresh coat of paint.

The next major jobs on the exterior are to recanvas the roof and to fit the side-lights. The external teak frames for these are almost finished. Both of these jobs await access to the carriage works since they are not things which can be undertaken sensibly out of doors. The side-light frames have been manufactured in-house, using timber salvaged from old school lab benches; some of the interior timber-work has been sub-contracted off the railway, but no contractor could be found to take on the external frames.

The interior photos below show the new corridor partition (the coach has six compartments). This structure has been manufactured from a mix of recovered original material (a little of which survived in the departmental conversion) and new timber (some utile, and some salvaged aformosia, again from old lab benches). The veneered plywood panelling is mahogany below waist level and sycamore above, as per the original. The plywood above head-height is not yet fixed permanently in place, and will be painted white to match the ceilings, whilst that below will be varnished in the near future.

The sliding compartment doors have been hung - these are all originals from Maunsell stock, from a variety of sources. The next major internal work will be the construction of the compartment partitions - originally the design did not have complete partitions behind the seating, but will have in the reconstruction, which will strengthen the structure and improve fire protection.

Sycamore and mahogany veneered panels in the corridor partition - 27 June 2009 - Richard Salmon Corridor partition and sliding door - 27 June 2009 - Richard Salmon Compartment side of the corridor parition - 27 June 2009 - Richard Salmon

Interior of Brake Van - 22 Nov 2006

December 2006


Over the last couple of years work has been progressing steadily on the interior of the coach. Here we see the interior of the brake van, with the reconstructed interior bulkhead, and refurbished ceiling and side planking. Of note is that due to the narrow vehicle width, the sliding door covering the gangway is bi-parting.

Below is the refurbished SR brake column from a BY van, salvaged when the van was dismantled to provide an underframe for a vintage coach body. The brake linkage has also been connected up underneath the vehicle.

Below right, the remainder of the brake van, with electrical trunking and light fittings in place on the ceiling. The brake doors, with all their interior woodwork and metalwork fitted, can also be seen.

Brake column - 22 Nov 2006 Interior of Brake Van - 22 Nov 2006

Corridor-side passenger door - 22 Nov 2006 The passenger doors have now had all their interior timberwork overhauled, varnished, and fitted complete. The droplights will be replaced later. To the right of the photo can be seen part of the corridor partition at the non-brake end. This has been reconstructed from cut-down original partitioning which remained in the coach from its departmental conversion.

Below is the reconstructed and overhauled toilet partition.

Toilet partition - 22 Nov 2006

April 2003

End of 3687 coming together, 16 April 2003

With all the steel panelling now on the sides and ends, the gangway structure is being built up, and butterfly control gear fitted at the north end.

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