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History of Kingscote Station - Kingscote after the trains

Up platform - Terry Cole - September 1964

Photo copyright Terry Cole.

The train service at Kingscote ceased with the ASLEF (Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen) strike of 29th. May, 1955. Passenger trains continued to pass the closed station after reinstatement until the final closure (to passenger service) of the line in 1958.

Ernest William (Ernie) Marshall (born on 27th. November 1922) continued to live in the station house until 1968 with his wife Marjorie (nee Robinson), whom he married in 1946. He was employed as a Relief Signalman at East Grinstead, but was additionally paid 7/6 (37.5p) a week to keep the signal lamps lit at Kingscote to cover any emergency workings that may have been routed over the line. Kingscote signal box, like West Hoathly, would have been closed and locked out, so that the section between East Grinstead and Horsted Keynes would have been worked (certainly latterly, when condemned wagons were stored on one running line) as a single line block.

Walking along the platform in the view above from September 1964, is the Marshalls' cat Whisky (as in Black-and-White brand whisky). He came to a sticky end after sniffing a rabbit-hole that had earlier been gassed by the Permanent Way Department.


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