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Locomotive Duty Roster

This roster provides a long-term indication of our planned locomotive usage.

On any particular day there may be unplanned alterations to the roster to suit operational requirements.
Visitors intending to travel to the railway to see a specific locomotive operating are
advised to check the locomotive workings on the day.

Weekly public train information is also available providing details of planned stock usage.

December + 1 Jan Loco Roster

Operational/Resident Locomotives:

SER 65 SECR P-class No.178 SECR P-class 323 'Bluebell' SECR H-class No.263 S15 No.847 SR Q-Class No.30541 Camelot BR 350 HP Shunter D4106
1 - 24 December - all trains are pre-booked Special Events
Public steam trains run 26 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019.
* 26 Dec:
Service 1 timetable
* 27 Dec - 1 Jan: Christmas Holiday timetable
Tickets available in advance or on arrival
From 2 January, until 15 February, the line is closed for winter engineering work, but stations are open for visitors.


Locomotive Duties

Times shown are departures from Sheffield Park. Please confirm with the published timetable for actual train times on a particular day.
A    Service 1 days - works all services
     Christmas Holiday Service days - works 10:00, 12:15, 2:45
B    Christmas Holiday Service days - works 11:10 and 1:30

Note that on Sundays, Loco GAL often works the 10:00 service in place of Loco A
Similarly, on occasions, Loco WR may work the 10:00 service in place of Loco A

AT   Autumn Tints
BV   Brake van rides
CH   Charter working
CWS  C&W shunt
DG   Demonstration Goods train
EDW  Edwardian Train
EN   Engineering (CE, PW, S&T)
FF   Festive Feast
FSA  Full Steam Ahead (Driving Experience)
FT   Footplate Taster
GAB  Golden Arrow Breakfast
GAC  Golden Arrow Charter
GAD  Golden Arrow Dining
GAL  Golden Arrow Luncheon
GAM  Golden Arrow Murder Mystery
MC   Mainline Charter
O    Observation Car Special
P    Station Pilot
RA   Rail Ale
S    Shunting
SPL  Special working
ST   Spare on standby
SU   Supper train
VIC  Victorian Train
WR   Wealden Rambler Afternoon Tea
WRC  Wealden Rambler Charter
X    (Special service) working unspecified
X    (Santa Special service) works 1st SP train
Y    (Santa Special service) works EG train
Z    (Santa Special service) works 2nd SP train

Although this roster is adhered to whenever possible, circumstances do necessitate some changes at short notice.

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