The SECR Centennial

SECR Crest

leaving Sheffield Park On the weekend of the 5th/6th of August 1999, the formation of the South East and Chatham Management Committee was celebrated with a centennial event at the Bluebell railway in Sussex, England. The star attraction was the official launch into service of the newly restored Wainwright O1. Intensive restoration in the workshops of the Bluebell railway, as documented here, finally came to fruition, and all were able to enjoy the results. the O1 was thought at one stage to be lost to preservation, but the sight greeting visitors was one to behold with the splendid Wainwright livery showing the Victorian origins of the design to best effect. The locomotive was run with vintage rolling stock, at at times run double headed with the similar, but newer C class. These 2 ran together on the final special train on the Goudhurst line, and again at the ill fated Ashford centre. Finally, many years later, they made it again! Here are a few pictures that capture a little bit of the nostalgic experience that made up the event. The well attended event featured also SECR wagon stock, Wainwright P class No.323 and quite a few LBSCR interlopers!

at the Sheffield Park bridge
3/4 view