This Maunsell Locomotive Society engine returned to steam in 2006 after a lengthy restoration from Barry condition.

The restored frames and cab in Sheffield Park yard, 07.08.99.

A new tender had to be constructed from the remains of a School's class tender which BR had converted into a snowplough.  Here the front and back end and most of the internal baffles are in place.  22.07.00.

The coal hopper was put in next.  22.10.00.

The largely completed tender tank.  Still a few other bits to put on.  All the work was done by the "Sunday Gang".  This was taken on 18th November 2000, so you can see the tremendous amount achieved from just working one day a week!  The same gang is now overhauling Stowe's tender.

1638s chimney, Winter 2000, marked with her old number A638.

The completed tender. Summer 2001.

The rear view of the tender.  It just remains to be painted properly once the engine is finished.

1638's boiler on a trolley outside the works.  10.02.02.

1638's boiler during the Branchline Weekend, 23rd February 2003.

Inside the works with new motion in place, 16th June 2003.

For further details see the Maunsell Locomotive Society page for this engine.