32424 'Beachy Head'

A group of people are actively working on the construction of a new Brighton Atlantic to replace the well-loved original 32424.  Rapid progress is being made on the construction of a new tender for her.  Both photos were taken during Giants of Steam, 28th October 2001.  Work on producing new wheels for the engine was begun in early 2003.

The ex-GNR Atlantic boiler which will be used with 'Beachy Head', sandwiched between the boiler for 78059 (84030) and what I believe to be the new smokebox and ashpan assembly for 34059.

The partially-wheeled tender chassis for 'Beachy Head', with 1638 and 847 behind.

The works plate on the frames of 32424's new tender, 18th April 2003.

A newly cast bogie wheel for the locomotive, 11th May 2003.

The rest of the new bogie wheels, with two assembled with axles and tyres. 16th June 2003.

See also the Bluebell Railway website page about this project.