55 'Stepney'
A very popular engine, Stepney regularly hauls "Stepney Specials" with some of the lines older coaches.

"Stepney", 18th April 2003.

Out of use but still smiling! 19.12.93.

On the first day of 2000, at Sheffield Park.

On Footplate Days and Ways duty at Horsted Keynes. 22.07.00.

Double-heading with 65, leaving Horsted Keynes for Sheffield Park. November 2000.

End of the day in Sheffield Park yard. November 2000.

At Kingscote with 673 'Fenchurch'. 27.08.01.

Being coupled up to the train. 27.08.01.

On 'Stepney Special' duty with 73082 'Camelot'. 31.03.02.

Just arrived at Sheffield Park and dwarfed by 'Camelot' and the coach. 31.03.02.

Another 'Stepney Special',  this time with 473 'Birch Grove'. 06.05.02.

Footplate experience on Stepney, to the north of Horsted Keynes station. 20.07.02.

55 with 'Brighton Works' lettering at the War Weekend, 11th May 2003

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