928 Stowe

Stowe was recently purchased from her previous owners by the Maunsell Locomotive Society.  She has not steamed for a few years now, awaiting her 10-year overhaul.  Her tender has been rebuilt and she is now in the queue for overhaul.

928 Stowe at Sheffield Park, 14th August 1994.

928's nameplate, 20.07.02.

Painting Stowe's tender wheels during her current overhaul.  10.10.02.

Stowe's tender frames, largely completed, 23rd February 2003.

The tender tank base being attached, 27th April 2003.

The tender wheels in the workshop, 11th May 2003.

The new tender rear end in place. 16th June 2003.

Final welding jobs on Stowe's almost completed tender, 14th November 2004.

For further details see the Maunsell Locomotive Society page for Stowe.