96 Normandy
This powerful shunting engine is primarily used to move locomotives and stock around at Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes,  particularly the big "Monday Shunt" which is performed most weeks.  She cannot go very fast and rocks about a lot at speed, so very rarely hauls passenger trains. She is now out of traffic awaiting a decision on overhaul, the other choice for shunter being the North London tank.

Normandy at Horsted Keynes, 23rd July 1989.

Heating the Golden Arrow dining train. 18.11.00.

Taking water amidst the fallen leaves. 25.11.01.

Shunting Stepney at from the dock siding at Sheffield Park. 25.11.01.

Paused between carriage shunting at Sheffield Park. 27.12.01.

Having the smokebox cleaned out. 27.12.01.

Shunting 75027 at Sheffield Park. October 2002.

Between duties in Sheffield Park yard. October 2002.

Backing out of the dock siding at Sheffield Park during the Branchline Weekend, 23.02.03.

Running south towards Sheffield Park with a passenger service, 22.02.03.

At Horsted Keynes on the "Monday Shunt", arranging rakes of carriages for the upcoming Thomas weekend, 16th June 2003.

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