Branchline Weekend

22nd and 23rd February 2003

This weekend saw seven different locomotives in steam, hauling rakes of carriages typical of those found on Southern branchlines during the days of steam.  One of the engines was a visiting Ivatt tank, number 41312, from the Watercress Line.

96 'Normandy' simmering quietly in the morning mist in Sheffield Park yard.

Visiting Ivatt tank 41312 waiting to draw her carriages into Sheffield Park station

SECR O1 class number 65 hauls the 9.33 goods out of Sheffield Park station and over Poleay bridge

...and heads off north to Kingscote.

41312 storms up Freshfield bank with her first train of the day, the 9.50 from Sheffield Park.

80151 rounds the curve north of the demolished bridge on her way to Sheffield Park with the 10.41 from Horsted Keynes..

96 'Normandy' in charge of the 10.55 from Sheffield Park, passing the old bridge.

41312 heads south past the same spot towards Sheffield Park with the 10.51 Kingscote to Sheffield Park.

672 heads the 11.37 from Kingscote south between Horsted Keynes and Sheffield Park.

41312 passes north through Lindfield wood on the 12.15 to Kingscote.

80151 passes south under Three Arch Bridge, hauling the 12.47 Kingscote to Sheffield Park.

41312 heads south through Three Arch Bridge cutting later with the 1.22 from Kingscote.

80151 pauses by Kingscote signal cabin while running around her train.

41312 coasts down towards Kingscote station with the 3.03 arrival from Sheffield Park.

80151 heads south up the bank out of Kingscote station with the 3.03 departure for Sheffield Park.

41312 running around her train at Kingscote.

41312 being oiled before her journey back south down the line with the 3.45 to Sheffield Park.

96 'Normandy' drifts past Birch Farm foot crossing with the 3.07 from Sheffield Park.

41312 heading south from Birchstone bridge with the 3.45 to Sheffield Park..

672 and 473 double-head the 3.45 from Sheffeld Park past Dean's Crossing at dusk.

473 and 672 at Kingscote with the 4.52 departure.  Their names ('Birch Grove' and 'Fenchurch' respectively) were replaced
with more authentic L. B. & S. C. R. lettering for the weekend.

On the Sunday, 65 awaits departure from Sheffield Park with the 11.40 to Kingscote.

80151 & 41312 at Sheffield Park, having just double-headed the 11.35 arrival from Kingscote.

41312 about to depart with the 12.15 Sheffield Park to Kingscote service.

80151 awaiting departure from Sheffield Park with the 12.50 Golden Arrow dining train.

41312 stops at Sheffield Park with the 1.55 arrival from Kingscote..

41312 at Kingscote, awaiting departure with the 3.42 to Sheffield Park.

672 & 473 double-head the 4.04 from Horsted Keynes to Kingscote.

65 and 55 'Stepney' arriving at Horsted Keynes on the 4.20 from Sheffield Park..

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