21C123 'Blackmore Vale'

Blackmore Vale has always been one of my favourite Bluebell engines.  She was out of service for several years waiting her turn for overhaul, which was completed in Autumn 2000.

Under overhaul in Sheffield Park works, minus cladding. 07.08.99.

Seen through the window at the north end of the works on New Year's Day 2000.

Her public gala debut, Giants of Steam 22.10.00.


Arriving at Sheffield Park. 18.11.00.

Seen from Kingscote signal box. 18.11.00.

Arriving at Horsted Keynes from the south. 18.11.00.

Running around at Kingscote. 18.11.00

Both of the in service Bulleid Society locomotives together - Blackmore Vale and Normandy. 27.12.01.

Stabled by the side of Sheffield Park yard. 31.03.02.

Departing from Sheffield Park. 06.06.02.

At the head of a Horsted Keynes train. 06.05.02.

Simmering in the sunshine. 06.05.02.

Heading off over the Ouse bridge.06.05.02.

Taking on water at Sheffield Park. 06.05.02.

Being uncoupled from the observation coach at Sheffield Park. 20.07.02.

Simmering next to the bluebells at Kingscote, 11th May 2003.

Later that evening with the last train of the day, in the rain at Sheffield Park.

Carrying the name of her designer, 21C123 steams in the pouring rain on Remembrance Sunday 2003.

The temporary O.V.S. Bulleid nameplate and crest.

Leaving Sheffield Park in billows of steam, with a poppy wreath on the smokebox door.

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