Giants of Steam

28th October 2001

75027 preparing for her days work in Sheffield Park yard that morning.

21C123 'Blackmore Vale' approaches Sheffield Park with the first inbound train of the day.

'Blackmore Vale' and 75027 double-head the first north bound train of the day out of Sheffield Park.

I could not see 75027 at first, but when her cylinder drain cocks closed then you could make her out!

The pair pass north past Ketches halt.

92240 drifts down Freshfield Bank.

'Blackmore Vale' running south between Horsted Keynes and Sheffield Park.

75027 pulling a train south.

73082 'Camelot' heads south under a bridge.

75027 and 672 'Fenchurch' double-head the Golden Arrow north through Three Arch Bridge cutting.

92240 heads south a few minutes later through the cutting.

73082 'Camelot' seen from Three Arch Bridge.

92240 heads up the bank to Horsted Keynes station.

75027 and 'Fenchurch' running down the bank...

...towards Three Arch Bridge.

73082 'Camelot' enters Horsted Keynes station from the north, seen from the footpath to the picnic area.

21C123 'Blackmore Vale' heads the Golden Arrow north from Horsted Keynes, seen from the public footpath.

73082 'Camelot' departs Sheffield Park at last light...

...and heads north over the River Ouse bridge.