Giants of Steam 2002

26th October 2002

21C123 'Blackmore Vale' awaiting departure from Sheffield Park.

80151 arriving from Horsted Keynes.

'Blackmore Vale' departing north.

34027 'Taw Valley', which unfortunately failed, preventing it from taking part in the gala.

34027 'Taw Valley' having her smokebox cleaned out.

75027 heads south from Horsted Keynes.

92240 enters Horsted Keynes from the south with a freight train.

'Blackmore Vale' departs for Sheffield Park.

92240 awaiting departure at Sheffield Park.

75027 arriving past 92240.

92240 heads out of the station...

...with the freight train.

'Blackmore Vale' and 'Taw Valley' together at the end of the day.

'Taw Valley' outside the shed with 'Blackmore Vale' behind.