Giants of Steam

20th October 2000

73082 'Camelot' at Sheffield Park as 34081 '92 Squadron' arrives.

73082 'Camelot' awaiting departure.

Heading off to Horsted Keynes in a cloud of steam.

473 'Birch Grove' acting as pilot at Sheffield Park.

75027 standing at Sheffield Park.

Waiting to head north.

92240 runs around her train.

92240 going past her train at Kingscote.

75027 departing south from Horsted Keynes.

21C123 'Blackmore Vale' and 34081 '92 Squadron' approach Horsted Keynes.

The double-headed special drawing into the station.

Passing the then new carriage works, in matching malachite green livery.

Back at Sheffield Park, with 'Blackmore Vale' in Southern Railway markings...

...and '92 Squadron' in British Railway markings.

'Blackmore Vale' backs off her train to the yard for the night.

75027 at dusk, just arrived back at Sheffield Park.