This is a collection of photographs which include some of the many people who give their time to the railway.

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The new tender for 1638

Painting undercoat onto 1638's new tender.

 Birch Grove and Stepney at Sheffield Park.

The crews of Birch Grove and Stepney.

 75027 at Horsted Keynes

The footplate crew of 75027.

 Repairing 80151 at Giants of Steam, October 2001.

Adjustments to 80151 being discussed.

 Loading coal into Normandy's bunkers

Normandy being coaled in Sheffield Park yard.

 Cleaning out Normandy's smokebox.

Normandy's smokebox being cleaned out.

 Normandy shunting coaches at Sheffield Park.

Shunting coaches at Sheffield Park.

 Normandy on a passenger turn at Sheffield Park.

Normandy's crew wait their turn on a passenger train.

Baxter's boiler being worked on

Baxter's boiler being worked on.

 Blackmore Vale awaits departure from Horsted Keynes.

Blackmore Vale's crew await departure to Kingscote.

 Driving turns on 323 to raise funds for its overhaul

Driving experience turns at Horsted Keynes on Bluebell.

 Freshwater and Fenchurch

Fenchurch and Freshwater.

 Polishing Fenchurch's chimney before Giants of Steam, October 2001.

Fenchurch's chimney being polished.

 Locomotive crews in the yard before Giants of Steam, October 2001.

Preparing Fenchurch at the beginning of the day.

 Newport, on loan from the Isle of Wight, at Sheffield Park.

Newport's driver.

 Normandy shunting Stepney at Sheffield Park

Normandy shunting Stepney at Sheffield Park.

 Uncoupling Camelot from Stepney

Uncoupling Camelot from Stepney.

 Loading coal

Loading coal.