Vintage Trains at New Year

These pictures were taken on one of the few days that it snowed in Winter 2001/2002, December 29th 2001, when The Bluebell Railway was running some of the oldest locomotives and carriages.  The same will be happening each New Year.

Stepney and Fenchurch departing Sheffield Park station.

Stepney and Fenchurch just prior to departure.

30064 behind Sheffield Park station.

Stepney and Fenchurch heading out to Horsted Keynes.

Birch Grove approaching Sheffield Park.

Birch Grove heading into Sheffield Park station.

Birch Grove at the foot of Freshfield bank.

Birch Grove approaching the top of the bank.

Birch Grove heading off north.

Fenchurch and Stepney rounding the curve...

...approaching the remains of the old bridge...

...and continuing south.

Further on, Stepney and Fenchurch returning north to Horsted Keynes...

...storming past with their train hidden in smoke.

Birch Grove passing under the bridge...

...going by in the gloom...

...and continuing south to Sheffield Park.

Birch Grove on the climb from Three Arch Bridge to Horsted Keynes station.

Birch Grove heading up the bank.

Fenchurch and Stepney drifting down from Horsted Keynes station...

...toward Three Arch Bridge.

Birch Grove at Horsted Keynes.

A final bit of light in the sky!