Winter Steam-Up

February 9th & 10th 2002

473 'Birch Grove' heads north out of Sheffield Park with a freight train...

...on towards Ketches Halt.

55 'Stepney' and 672 'Fenchurch' climbing Freshfield bank.

80151 approaching Freshfield bank from the north.

473 'Birch Grove' returning with the freight...

...and heading south past the demolished bridge.

65 at the top of Freshfield bank...

...and passing north under the bridge.

'Stepney' and 'Fenchurch' round the curve north of the demolished bridge.

80151 heads north to Horsted Keynes.

'Stepney', 'Fenchurch' and 'Birch Grove' triple-heading a train north.

80151 running south to Sheffield Park.

65 with 'Wealden Rambler' head board and the newly restored banana van.

The triple-header heads south from Three Arch Bridge, with 'Fenchurch', 'Stepney' and 'Birch Grove'.

80151 heads south with the 'Blue Belle', past the Ardingly spur...

...and over the roadbridge towards Sheffield Park.

'Stepney' and 65 double-head a train up the bank just south of Horsted Keynes.

'Birch Grove' and 'Fenchurch' running down the bank...

...towards Three Arch Bridge.

80151 seen from the foot of the embankment, heading north towards Three Arch Bridge.

65 and 'Stepney' running through Three Arch Bridge cutting.

80151 heading south down the bank, having just left Horsted Keyne.

'Birch Grove' and 'Fenchurch' pulling their train north under Three Arch Bridge.

96 'Normandy' on a rare passenger turn, heading down the bank...

...and on to Three Arch Bridge.

'Birch Grove' and 'Fenchurch' awaiting departure at Horsted Keynes.

65 with the 'Wealden Rambler' at Horsted Keynes.

80151 and 'Fenchurch' double-head the Golden Arrow into Horsted Keynes.

'Stepney' and 'Birch Grove' with the 'Blue Belle' at Sheffield Park.

96 'Normandy' taking on coal in Sheffield Park yard prior to her run up the line.

65 with banana van at Sheffield Park.

'Fenchurch' and 80151 approaching Sheffield Park...

...being the oldest and youngest tank engines in existence that were built at Brighton Works.

65 departs Sheffield Park.

'Normandy' just arrived at Sheffield Park.

80151 draws to a stop in Sheffield Park station.

96 'Normandy' at Horsted Keynes with the 'Blue Belle'.