LB&SCR Terriers

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A high resolution version of each picture may be downloaded by PC users as a self extracting zip
file using the link beneath the thumbnail. Picture quality variable with amazing detail in the best.
As a rough guide the bigger the file the more detail the picture contains.

L&SWR 734 (LB&SCR No. 46)
Download Image File 636Kb
L&SWR 735 (LB&SCR No. 68)
Download Image File 757Kb
L&SWR 735 (LB&SCR No. 68)
Download Image File 757Kb
SE&CR 751 (LB&SCR No. 54)
Download Image File 749Kb
SR 735 (LB&SCR No. 68)
Download Image File 675Kb
W10 (LB&SCR No. 69)
Download Image File 721Kb
W10&W12 (LB&SCR Nos. 69&84)
Download Image File 1159Kb
W12 (LB&SCR No. 84)
Download Image File 666Kb
W13 (LB&SCR No. 77)
Download Image File 698Kb

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Copyright Notice

LB&SCR Terrier photographs were taken by, or have been scanned
from prints in the private collection of, the late Kenneth Nicho ls.
Robin H. Tunstall has given permission for his photographs to be displayed here.
Copyright exists on photographs for 70 years following the end of the year
in which the photographer dies. All other photographers, whose work is included here,
are believed to be deceased. A credit to the original photographer is included where known.

Current copyright holders wishing to discuss the inclusion of any photograph on this web
site should contact Mike Nichols by e-mail:

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