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British Railways - Standard Steam Stock (Mk.1)
3116 - FO (Open First) built in 1961

This carriage is no longer on the Bluebell

BR Mk.1 FO 3116

Richard Salmon

Type: FO (Open First), Diagram 73
Built: 1961, at Swindon (Lot 697)
Original No: M3116
Other Nos: 99126 (126 "Diane")
Seating: 42 1st class
Body Length: 64' 6"
Weight: 34 Tons
Withdrawn: 1989
Preserved: 1991
To Bluebell: April 1990
Left Bluebell: April 2005
Current status: see Carriage Register entry for this vehicle

The BR Open First class coaches have been long-lived, due to their use on special and charter services.

After withdrawal by BR, this coach saw further use as part of the SLOA (later FSS) set BN 91, for use on BR lines behind steam locomotives. With increasing age, they were withdrawn from this use, and six coaches were hired to the Bluebell for a year. At the end of this period, FSS decided they should sell most of them, and the Bluebell took the opportunity to buy No.3116.

A coach twice withdrawn from main-line use, it was hardly in its prime, but it was not beyond a few more years' service. Over the last few years it has required increasing maintenance time to keep it running, and eventually the coach was withdrawn from Bluebell service.

In April 2005 the coach left for a new home at the North Norfolk Railway.

For completeness it is worth recording that the other FSS carriages, which were on hire to the Bluebell from April 1990 for a year were BCK 120 (Sc21236) and FOs 125 Eileen (M3115), 127 Carol (M3117), 128 Beryl (M3130) and 358 (M3108).
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