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LMS 3rd Sleeper 623

London, Midland & Scottish Railway
Sleeper Third No.623 (built in 1952)
Richard Salmon

Type: Third Class Sleeping Car
Built: 1952 at Derby
Number: M623M
Passengers: 22 sleeping berths
Length: 65'
Weight: 42 Tons
Withdrawn: c1977
Preserved: 1977
To Bluebell: 15/6/1977

This LMS designed coach was actually built by British Railways shortly after nationalisation. It has eleven third-class compartments, each with two bunk berths, and an attendant's room. It was used on the West Coast Main Line sleeper services out of Euston, until reducing demand led to their withdrawal.

It was purchased by a group of Bluebell volunteers for use as overnight sleeping accommodation.

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