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Becoming a volunteer on the Bluebell Railway

Why not join us on a Find out more day - now held monthly.

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

The successful running of the railway depends largely on the voluntary efforts of the society's members in a wide variety of duties. Whether you are male or female - an active senior citizen - found time on your hands through early retirement - or a younger member, if you can attend regularly, now and then or just for a week's holiday, a welcome awaits you.

You will meet plenty of new people and perhaps learn new skills and widen your experience. Obviously some jobs are more popular than others, some you cannot walk straight into such as engine drivers, which can take some training. We all started from scratch and the more you learn about, and work on, the railway the more likely your chances of eventually finding your niche. Most departments accept people from 16 years of age and our oldest working members are in their 80's. Working members only can enjoy travel benefits on other selected private railways.

We need YOU to help us. By joining the Society, your subscription helps the railway financially. You also have the opportunity to be a volunteer working member in any of the many departments. Details on some of these departments are shown below, including links to some departmental recruiting pages.

Join one of our "Find out More Days" for a tour behind the scenes, which will show the variety of roles for which we are looking for new volunteers across the various departments of the Railway, or to discuss what you might be interested in doing.

There are some basic requirements which must be fulfilled before you become a volunteer, such as being a BRPS member, and drinking copious quantities of tea (while on duty) or occasionally something stronger afterwards! Common to all the engineering departments is the issue of safety.

For younger members (aged between 9 and 16) The 9F Club provides an opportunity to get involved with the railway.

For more information about membership, please see the Membership Details Webpage.

Why not join us on a Find out more day - held monthly.


Join us on a Find out more day

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