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News of Blackmore Vale's Repair

View of new tender top View of new tender top Construction of the new tender top has been in progress for a few weeks.

View of new tender top View of new tender top

View of newly metalled axleboxes With the wheelsets being removed in turn for journal machining, the axleboxes are being remetalled.

View of new motion pins View of new motion bushes Much of the motion is excessively worn. New pins and bushes are being made.

View of motion parts View of motion parts Various motion parts.

View of valve crankshaft The valve gear crankshaft. This and many other inside bits have suffered excessive wear after the lubrication channels have become blocked. New bushes are being fitted to this.

View of outer valve assemblies The outer valve assemblies. These will be replaced with new rings, whereas on the centre valve assembly the valve heads will also be replaced.

View of centre valve actuating shaft View of right valve actuating shaft The centre and right valve actuating shafts.

View of oil pipes View of oil pipes The axlebox lubrication system has been tested by flushing with paraffin, the pipes being repaired or replaced where leaking.

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