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News of Fenchurch's Repair

The axleboxes have been machined, and just require scraping to fit the journals and delivery of the new oil pads for them to be ready for re-wheeling. The cylinders have been bolted into the frames with new bolts.

View of fitting axlebox tray View of machined axleboxes Kevin George fitting an axlebox oil tray, and the machined axleboxes.

View of new cylinder bolts View of new cylinder bolts in place Examples of the new cylinder bolts. Most have nuts, but a few have no room for them so the block is threaded. Many of the nuts are specially shaped to fit the inside of the block casting, requiring the bolts to have nuts welded onto the heads in order to tighten them. A bit of weld is added for extra security.

View of new cylinder bolts in place The five-sided nut found during dismantling has been replaced by a nut with a single cut-down side.

View of new bufferbeam fitting With the cylinder refitted, the front bufferbeam has been replaced. Here Kevin George is hammering a red-hot bolt into the roughly countersunk hole to get a secure fit.

There will be more news of Fenchurch's repair job in the coming weeks, including all the news missing since last spring.

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