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News of Fenchurch's Repair

On 27 March the frames were placed on the wheels. Subsequently, the brake rigging and slidebars were fitted.

View of locomotive being shunted Fenchurch's first movement since re-wheeling.

View of locomotive in shed After fitting the brake rigging and guard irons.

View of buffers and springs The buffers used rubber pads as their springs, but these were life-expired and a size now unobtainable. Conventional steel springs have been fitted.

View of slidebars The slidebars fitted. Most of the motionwork is burnished bright rather than painted.

View of slidebar alignment The slidebars are aligned by measuring from a wire strung along the centreline of the cylinder, using a depth micrometer.

View of painted tank Work continues on other parts such as the tanks.

View of top cladding sheet The boiler cladding has received attention, being welded where it had split apart. This sheet dates back at least to the days of the original A1 boiler design, as can be seen where the dome position has been moved. The blanked-off holes to the right of the picture were for the forward-mounted injector steam valves on the boiler it carried until the late 1950s.

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