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News of Fenchurch's Repair

The cab roof sheet has corroded badly around the rear and sides, and previous repairs with filler have started to fail. The roof assembly was dismantled to enable the roof sheet to be repaired with new sheet steel.

View of gritblasted roof sheet The roof sheet after gritblasting, showing the corrosion around the edges. (The rear edge is uppermost.) Previous repairs using new sheet rivetted along the back and right side have been removed.

View of roof sheet under repair Ian collins rivetting a new strip of steel sheet to the original wrought-iron roof sheet.

View of repaired roof sheet Repairs to the roof sheet completed. It just remains to rivet this to the angle frames and cab front and sides.

View of repaired tank Repairs in progress on the right tank. Corrosion just above the bottom frame angle has holed the tank in several places. A previous repair to this corner of the tank is visible.

View of firehole door fitting A change in the firehole ring design when the firebox was replaced caused a problem with the firehole door not properly opening. Here Trevor West and Richard Harvey are checking the fit after extending the door casting mounting further into the firebox, so now the fireman will be able to see all of the fire.

View of fitted vacuum pipe The vacuum pipes are being re-fitted so as to hide them where possible. Here the main run of the train pipe is being fitted completely hidden under the running plate, visible only at the ends.

View of painted cabside The first coat of umber brown paint on the cab and bunker.

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