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News of Fenchurch's Repair

View of new smokebox wrapper The new smokebox wrapper plate has been delivered.

View of dome base The dome base studs have been removed and in most cases the threads re-tapped slightly larger, requiring stepped studs, which will be fitted after the spacer ring has been machined and faced to fit the base.

View of repaired tanks The tanks have had a few holes along the bottom patched. A number of older repairs are clearly visible, but will be hidden when the cladding sheets are fitted.

View of water valve lift rod One of the feed water valve lifting rods. This is an original wrought-iron part, this end of which connects to the valve itself in the base of the tank, hence the corrosion visible.

View of re-routed vacuum pipe The vacuum pipe has been re-routed to keep it as far out of sight as possible. This picture shows the new low-level position on the rear bufferbeam, and the connection into the cab passing through a hole in the drag box. It was not possible to fit it below the bufferbeam as that would have been too low to connect to a high-level pipe on the other side.

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