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News of the repair of locomotive No 80151

6 April 2001

Front view of loco Rear view of loco

This locomotive is the workshop's current main project. Recent work has concentrated on the boiler, the cylinders and motion, and the pipework and fittings. The engine is expected to be completed some time during the summer or autumn of this year.

View of motion View of left valves
The pistons have been installed in the cylinders, and the crossheads and connectiong rods fitted. Work is in progress on the valves, the left side here seen fitted on the valve spindle.

View of valve ring machining Valve rings are here being machined from a pot of cast iron on the vertical borer.

View of front foundation rivets View of rear foundation rivets New rivets in the front and rear of the foundation ring.

View of new stays View of painting flue tubes
Four new stays have been fitted each side half-way up the firebox-barrel join. The new flue tubes have had their threads machined on the firebox ends, and here Richard Mason is painting them with a protective coating.

View of injector pipes New injector pipework has been made and fitted.

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