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News of the repair of locomotive No 3217

6 April 2001

View of engine frames View of bogie frame
The engine frames have been lifted off the wheels, and the bogie has been dismantled.

View of driving wheels View of bogie axle journal
A view of the driving wheels, showing the double journals on the driving axle, and one of the bogie axle journals showing its good condition.

View of bogie frame View of bogie parts
Views of the Dean Bogie, quite unlike the Adams Bogie carried by our other engines. There is no centre pin and table; instead the weight is carried by four posts just inside the main frames, and sideplay is controlled by a springs and rubber pads assembly which fits into the centre section.

View of bogie pin View of bogie frame
One of the pins which are attached to the main engine frame, and whose fitted bolts have worked loose. The right picture shows deep corrosion in the bogie frame and in the support pin cup.

View of boiler backplate View of boiler front
Work on the boiler has continued with the installation of the new longitudinal stays...

View of foundation rivets ... and fitting of the new foundation ring rivets.

View of new smokebox View of new smokebox frontplate The new smokebox is being constructed. Here the wrapper plate with its odd curves is being built up attached to the new front tubeplate.

View of new smokebox frontplate View of rolled tube The smokebox frontplate has curved edges at the front and in the hole for the door. These are being made using steel tube bent to the required radius which is welded to the platework, and then the 3/4 not required is cut away. The ring of tube on the right is for the door hole.

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