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News of the repair of locomotive No 1178

6 April 2001

View of loco View of cab top half
Recent work has included some repairs to the tanks. The upper part of the cab has been extensively repaired with new sheeting, and had been temporarily fitted to enable the new bunker to be fitted correctly.

View of old boiler barrel The boiler taken out of the engine is beyond economic repair. This part of the barrel has corroded almost right through.

View of throatplate The boiler which was taken out of No 323 in 1977 is being repaired to go in 1178. A certain amount of corrosion is visible here on the throatplate.

View inside firebox Inside the firebox the pitting in the copper plates resulting from using Kent coal in the 1960s is still visible. The front right lap seam rivets have been cut out for replacement, and clearly some of the foundation rivets also need replacing.

For full details of this locomotive's repair see the P Club's 31178 Restoration Page.

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