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News of the repair of locomotive No 27

6 April 2001

View of loco View of loco
No 27 as it stands now at the back of Turner's Siding, out of public view.

View inside bunker The view looking down into the bunker on the left side. The part seen vertical in this pictute is the rear part of the left frame plate, which is severely corroded here. However, both frame plates forward of the bunker appear quite sound.

View of boiler The boiler which was taken out of No 27. Although not quite in such bad condition as the boiler from 1178, it is likely that a complete rebuild with mostly new parts will be required, possibly using the new copper firebox which came with 1178.

View of firebox backplate The firebox backplate is extensively corroded. On P class boilers this part is only 3/8in thick from new.

View inside firebox Inside the firebox the pitting in the copper plates resulting from using Kent coal in the 1960s is very visible. The horozontal seam is where the lower part has been replaced with a new copper plate, known as half-siding. Originally this would have been joined throughout with copper rivets, but some have been replaced with steel patch screws.

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