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News of the New Cylinders for Terriers

28 September 2001

The patterns for casting new cylinders for the Terrier locomotives which have been under construction by Brian Wilkie and Roy Sterling for some years now, are now ready for use. A representative from the foundry visited recently and declared himself satisfied with them. The plan is have just one side cast first to prove the pattern works satisfactorily, so the more complex left side will be done (this side includes the main steam pipe connection). Funding for this is coming from the late Bernard Wright, whose legacy to the railway paid for the later stages of Birch Grove's repair, and the remainder of which will now will enable us to proceed with the next stage of this project.

View of loco Parts of the pattern: At the back on the right is the main part of the cylinder, for right or left; in front of it is the left valve chest; in front of that are two parts for the main steam pipe inlet. On the left is the framing where the cylinder bolts to the engine's frame plate; and in front of that is a small part where it needs to miss part of the frame.

View of loco Parts of the pattern: At the back is the core box for making the core forming the inside of the cylinder; in front of that on the left are core boxes for the cylinder end and the main steam pipe; on the right a core box for the back end. At the front on the right is a core box for the part around the leading axle horns; and on the left are parts for the steam passages. The unpainted bits at front left are for bosses for the cylinder drain taps.

View of loco Another view of the main cylinder part, showing a complex arrangement at the end to enable the core to be supported.

View of loco The rear end of the cylinder, showing the square projections which hold the slidebars.

View of loco Core box for exhaust steam passages.

More pictures taken of the project including the large-size originals of those shown here, can be found here.

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