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News of the repair of 3217 Earl of Berkeley

21 December 2001

View of loco A closer view of the corrosion in the main frames where the front bufferbeam fits. The corrosion has eaten in from both sides, leaving very little metal in places, so sections of the frame will need to be replaced completely

View of loco The ends rear of the frames are little better. Behind the driving wheels the frames were never even painted, and were inaccessible when assembled. The read drag box is now being removed completely, and some sections of the rear of the frames will also be replaced.

View of loco Many parts removed from the frame are little better. Here one of the splashers will need repairs.

View of loco Meanwhile, it's not all bad news: the bogie wheels have been painted.

More pictures taken during 3217's repair, including the large-size originals of those shown here, can be found here.

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