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News of work on Sir Archibald Sinclair's boiler

26 October 2001

Work started again on Sir Archibald Sinclair's boiler some weeks ago. Several major components are being renewed, including the firebox tubeplate, inner throatplate, foundation ring corners, inner wrapper lower sides, and thermic syphon tubes.

View of loco View of loco

In June the replacement firebox tubeplate and inner throatplate sections were delivered.

View of loco View of loco

The front left bottom corner, showing the old corroded plate, and after cutting out the bad sections.

View of loco View of loco

The inner throatplate, which forms the floor of the combustion chamber. The left picture shows the old plate which was distorted, and the right shows the bad section cut out. The two columns are the lower tube-sections of the thermic syphons.

View of loco View of loco

The lower sides of the thermic syphon tubes have been cut away for replacement, and the firebox inner wrapper sides have been cut out for their whole length just above the grate.

View of loco View of loco

With the firebox tubeplate removed the staying system is more easily seen.

View of loco

The new firebox tubeplate ready for installation.

More pictures can be found here.

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