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21 December 2001

View of work on 3217 Work continues on the DukeDog No 3217 Earl of Berkeley. Here Russell Donovan is burning off rivets holding the rear dragbox together. More details and pictures.

View of 928 tender Work continues on the tender of Schools Class No 928 Stowe, concentrating on the severely corroded front end of the frames. More details and pictures.

View of 1638 tender View of 1638 tender

The tender for U class No 1638 has been completed with the addition of the wooden floor section, and painted to show its association with the locomotive.

View of Baxter Baxter has been dismantled for repair, and now awaits a crane to lift the boiler out of the frames and the frames off the wheels.

View of 73082 repair No 73082 Camelot suffered a crack in the rear left corner of its boiler a few weeks ago. Examination showed that it had not suffered the deep grooving which affected 75027's boiler in the same place, so a repair has been done by grinding out the cracked area and filling in with weld. The 4 inch visible crack became a 16in repair by the time all the crack was cut out. However, if it should crack again in the same place then the whole section will require replacement.

View of broken spring The 9F No 92240 suffered a broken tender spring whilst working the Santa Special trains on Sunday 16 December. 473 and 55 filled in for one round trip whilst the spring was replaced with a spare in just 37 minutes.

View of new concreted area The soft ground alongside the Villa has been concreted, ready to park the parts of No 27 and Baxter so they won't sink into ground like Fenchurch. This was paid for by money raised by the Fenchurch Fund.

More pictures can be found here.

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