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News of the repair of 3217 Earl of Berkeley

28 March 2002

View of loco View of loco

Corrosion in the main frames. This part is the rear of the inner right frame plate. All these sections are being replaced with new plate.

View of loco Temporary stretchers were welded in place to hold the frame plates before removing the drag beam.

View of loco The new rear drag box being assembled.

View of loco At the front end new frame platework and a new buffer beam have been fitted.

View of loco The new main frame plates have been welded onto the old parts, here showing the outside face of the right inner frame at the front, with the right cylinder just inside it. The upper part shows old welding carried out by its previous owners.

View of loco This picture shows the front right corner of the engine's frame, with the front buffer beam on the right. The bolts will be replaced by rivets.

View of loco The new rear drag beam is temporarily fitted, and the corroded platework cut away.

View of loco The new platework has been welded in at the rear of the frames.

View of loco View of loco

Meanwhile, the bogie has been reassembled.

More pictures taken during 3217's repair, including the large-size originals of those shown here, can be found here.

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