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News of the repair of No 3 Baxter

28 March 2002

View of loco View of loco

Baxter's boiler is generally in good condition. The one area where significant work will be required is on the throatplate where the blowdown valve was previously fitted. This had been replaced some years ago, first by a blank, then a washout plug, but leakage has wasted the platework here.

View of loco View of loco

The right leading axlebox has broken at the outer top corners at front and back, the front corner having actually broken off some years ago. As these are cast iron, and hence difficult to repair, a set of new axleboxes is to be made. The axlebox crowns however are in good condition.

View of loco View of loco

Studs need replacing on the cylinders and valve chests. Three of the cylinder studs on each side were stretching when tightened, and were inaccessible with the wheels in place. All the valve chest cover studs need replacing as they had started to break off when the covers were replaced a couple of years ago after a valve locknut was tightened.

More pictures taken during Baxter's repair, including the large-size originals of those shown here, can be found here.

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