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News from the Locomotive Department

10 July 2002

Repairs to 75027 have been completed. The right cylinder was rebored, and new pistons fitted on both sides. All the superheater flue tubes have been replaced following the discovery of cracks in two of the old ones. The hydraulic test has been done, and it is expected back in traffic during the third week of July. (Sorry, no new pictures of the work are available.)

View of work on 3217

Work continues on the DukeDog No 3217 Earl of Berkeley. Replacement of sections of the main frames at both ends of the engine has been completed. More details and pictures.

View of work on 3217

The U class No 1638 has been moved into the workshop, and work continues on its boiler. More details and pictures.

View of work on 3217

Work continues on Baxter's repair, recently on the boiler, front buffer beam, and steam chests. More details and pictures.

More pictures can be found here.

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