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News of the 3217's Repair

View of boiler front Work is currently concentrated on the boiler. The front tubeplate and its angle ring have been removed for replacement.

View inside boiler A view inside the boiler barrel with the crown stays removed.

View of front tubeplate angle iron The front tubeplate angle iron showing the corrosion which necessitates its replacement.

View of old front tubeplate The old front tubeplate, after the flange has been cut off. The chalk line surrounds the area where the longitudinal stays are fixed. The two bright objects in tube holes are guides for centering the new holes when drilling through.

View of new front tubeplate The new front tubeplate, with the old flange welded on; as this flange is not part of the pressure vessel the old one is sufficiently good to re-use. On the right is a doubling plate for the longitudinal stay area which will be welded onto the water side; the stays will be fixed by a nut and copper washer each side of the plate.

View inside firebox Inside the firebox at the bottom back corner, showing patch screw installation in progress where the rivet heads have burnt away.

View of frames A general view of the frames.

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