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News of The Brighton Atlantic Project

Parts have been obtained from a scrapped LBSCR tender frame which had been used for the replica GWR locomotive displayed at Windsor. The frame had already been broken up for scrap, but the wheelsets, springs, and axleboxes have been saved. The tender is thought to have been attached to either a C2X or a B4X, and was slightly different from the type attached to the Atlantics.

Tender wheelsets The tender wheelsets. All the axles and tyres and almost brand new, being stamped 1958 and 1959.

Tender springs The springs - a complete set in apparently good condition.

Tender axleboxes The axleboxes. The main castings have been modified to look like GWR type, by machining off a portion of the front face, and the covers are made-up GWR style, but the spring sockets are original. The bronze bearings had been discarded when it was prepared for the replica locomotive.

For more information about this project see the Brighton Atlantic Project page.

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