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Pictures of No 27

thumbnail On the Newick spur with 394, 1961 (Ken Chown). 1390x946 640x435
thumbnail On Loco headshunt, 1962 (Ken Chown). 1390x946 640x435
thumbnail AT HK station, 1964 (Ken Chown). 1410x960 640x435
thumbnail Outside the loco shed, 27 March 1971 (Gerry Butler). 1572x1080 640x439
thumbnail Beside the lobby, 3 June 1971 (Gerry Butler). 1572x996 640x405
thumbnail Alongside the coal dock, January 1974 (Gerry Butler). 1572x1080 640x439
thumbnail In SP station, March 1974 (Gerry Butler). 1536x1032 640x430

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