Bluebell Railway Villa Team

Birch Grove's frames and cylinders etc

Updated 23 October
[View of corroded part of frames] The inside face of the frame plate where the firebox fits, showing some of the extent of the corrosion which has taken place.
Some corroded areas have been built up by arc-welding. [View of repaired corroded part of frames]
[View of new smokebox saddle] The old smokebox saddle, a casting, was too broken up to be re-used, so a new one was fabricated by welding. The bright strip recently fitted just inside the rear end is to support the front of the boiler, which unusually rests inside the saddle area.
The old blastpipe casting was too corroded to re-use, soa new one has been fabricated. [View of new blastpipe]
[View of cylinder repair] The top of the cylinder casting, showing the repair patch over the hole. The wooden blank at top right covers the main steam pipe flange to keep debris out of the steam chest.

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