Villa Team News - 9 January 1998

Birch Grove's repairs

The boiler is now mounted the right-way-up on the boiler trolley. The only major jobs remaining now are to fit 6 new bronze washout-plug pads on the outer crown sheet, install the 225 fire-tubes, and fit the ashpan and smokebox. Stepney's boiler lies on its side in the foreground. [Click on the image for full-size picture.] [View of boiler on trolley]
All the wheelsets have been removed in turn to check the condition of the axleboxes, especially the oil pads. These pictures show the leading wheels removed using the wheel-drop, with the front of the frames supported on jacks.
[View of frames with leading wheels removed] [View of wheelset in drop chamber]
[View of polished steam-snading gear] Some of the components of the steam-sanding equipment following blast-cleaning and polishing.

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