Villa Team News - 25 February 1998

Birch Grove's repairs

The boiler is due to have its insurer's inspection under hydraulic pressure and in steam during this week.

[View of boiler with smokebox and chimney fitted] The smokebox and chimney fitted. [Click on the image for full-size picture.] [View of boiler with smokebox and chimney fitted]
[View of hydraulic testing pump with pressure on gauge.] The hydraulic testing pump, showing pressure on the gauge. A few small leaks from rivets under hydraulic pressure. These will stop when the boiler is in steam. [View of minor leaks at rivets.]
[View of couplig rod being fitted] The left coupling rod being re-fitted.
[View of rubbing down the dome casing.] Meanwhile, the painting continues: Freda and Sylvia Marshall and Lynn Payne working on the dome casing. The safety valve cover, which is a rather rough-surfaced casting, has been treated with pale grey surface-filling paint. [View of safety valves cover.]

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