Villa Team News - 7 April 1998

Birch Grove's repairs

The boiler cladding and tanks have been fitted:

[View of engine with tanks fitted] The tanks fitted to the engine and with the cladding sheets fitted, and now being painted with pale grey surface-filling paint. [Click on the images for full-size picture.] [View of engine with tanks fitted]

Assorted pipework and fittings:

The copper main steam pipe was found to be worn too thin, so a new steel pipe has been fabricated using straight pipe and elbows. The connection just above the lower flange is the oil feed from the hydrostatic lubricator in the cab. [View of new main steam pipe] [View of new main steam pipe]
[View of new vacuum piping] The vacuum piping had originally been fitted in a rather untidy fashion, but has now been re-done, just visible behind the running plate edge. In this picture the left injector deliver pipe is hanging down, not yet attached at the front.
The balance pipes between the side tanks and back tank were originally heavy castings. Frost had damage them beyond use, so they have been replaced by fabricated pipes of steel tube. The copper pipe which feeds water to the injector is attached to the balance pipe. [View of new tank balance pipe]
[View of new Westinhouse pump piping] New pipework for the Westinghouse pump.
Fittings installed in the cab. Visible are (on cab side) the boiler pressure gauge, hydrostatic cylinder lubricator, Westinghouse pump governor, and watering pipe cock; (on boiler) Westinghouse steam cock, train heating cock, and one pair of water gauges. [View of cab fittings]

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