Villa Team News - 22 May 1998

Birch Grove's repairs

Trial running:

Birch Grove has done a second day of trial trips on the line. The problems found on the first day have largely been cured.

The worst problem on its first day out was priming caused by the residue of cutting oils left in the boiler from the various maching work, primarily the new firebox stays. The water was changed before its second day out, and although several more water changes will be necessary before it starts real work, there was little priming on the second day.

Two mechanical problems were obvious on its first day: faulty valve events and a hot box. The box was cured when it was found the oil pad was not in contact with the bearing journal, and it now runs stone cold. A large amount of head scratching by Mike Carroll and Keith Sturt resulted in an adjustment to the valve setting which has proved virtually spot-on, giving a nice even exhaust beat in both directions.

Some pictures on its second day out:

[View of engine at Kingscote] [View of engine at Kingscote] [View of engine at Kingscote]
[View of engine at Horsted Keynes] [View into cab]

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