Villa Team News - 2 June 1998

Birch Grove's repairs

Trial running:

Birch Grove has completed a third day of trial trips on the line, this time with the Vintage Train set of the two SECR 100-seater coaches and a BY brake van.

The problem of boiler contamination with cutting fluids is markedly reduced, and there was no priming; however, further water changes will be necessary before a full load can be taken. The riding qualities of the engine have improved markedly and it is now steady, smooth, and quiet.

Some pictures on its third day out:

[View of engine at Horsted Keynes] [View of engine at Horsted Keynes]
[View of engine at HOrsted Keynes] [View of engine at Horsted Keynes]

Some pictures in the Loco Yard at Sheffield Park:

Work continues on the brake system to remedy some minor defects, and the final touches to the paintwork are being applied.

[View of engine at Sheffield Psrk] [View of engine at Sheffield Psrk]
[View of engine at Sheffield Psrk]

The brake feed valve gave some trouble which was found to be caused by dirt accumulated inside. The triple valve is leaking internally, causing the brake to release itself after some minutes - work continues on this. An advantage of the Westinghouse air brake system is that, unlike the vacuum brake, it can be tested with the engine out of steam by connecting it to the works air supply.

[View of brake testing connection] The connection from the fixed air supply to the engine's brake system is made through the auxilliary air pipe which feeds directly into the main reservoir.

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