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Patterns for Fenchurch's new cylinders

[Updated 12 March]

Some pictures showing the work being done by Brian Wilkie and Roy Stirling [Click on the images for full-size pictures]:

[] Parts for the cylinder barrel.
The core box for the cylinder barrel. This is used for making the core of sand which moulds the inner surface of the barrel. []
[] The pattern for the rear end of the cylinder, showing the curved inset towards the centre of the cylinder, and the square-section projection which supports the channel-shaped slide bars. The construction of the pattern using small blocks of wood can be seen here - this method is used to maintain the pattern's dimensional stability.
View of pattern machining Brian Wilkie using a milling machine to cut out a part for one of the exhaust ports. (Note how our machinists match their overalls with the machines themselves.)
View of pattern machining A closer view of the machining work. Several passes are made at varying depths to roughly cut out the curved shape, which is finished using hand tools.
View of exhaust port pattern A partly-completed pattern for an exhaust steam passage.
View of barrel patterns Patterns for a cylinder barrel, and for the side framing which fixes the cylinders onto the frames.
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