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The Steam Crane

After a spell of working, the Steam Crane has been out of use for some years, requiring extensive repairs. During the last three years Ian Collins, Jim Grant and Russell Hubner, assisted by Andrew Wilkens and Trevor West, have been working on one of the Stokes Bogies which provide additional support for the main carriage. This has now been completed, and the bogie has been reconnected to the main carriage. No further work has since been carried out.

[View of repaired Stokes Bogie] The recently repaired Stokes Bogie.

Although many components of the crane would benefit from attention, the only major item preventing it being used is the lack of a boiler certificate.

Following some discussion concerning siding space at Horsted Keynes, the future of the steam crane was a subject of discussion at the Locomotive Department's annual meeting in November 1998. It is planned that after a new siding is laid for the sleeping coaches at Sheffield park the crane will be based there, probably in the pump-house siding. A programme of work to re-certificate the boiler is now being considered.

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