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Who are we and what do we do ?

[The team posing by Sharpthorn] The Villa Team (sometimes known as "Lewis Nodes and his Team") are a group of volunteers in the Locomotive Department at the Bluebell Railway who undertake repair jobs on locomotives (and some other stuff). The team has much evolved over the course of its history - read about The Team here.

Current Jobs

We are currently working on the Bluebell Railway's oldest locomotive, the LB&SCR class A1X "Terrier" No 72 "Fenchurch".

Fenchurch was taken out of service in 1988 when a wheel hub cracked. Its repair commenced some years ago with the job of making of a new wheel set. The Villa Team started work in the spring of 1994. It was soon found that the cylinders were in need of serious attention, which forced its repair engine to take second place behind that of Birch Grove. However, work is now in progress with the intention of having it running again in the summer of 2000. Read the full details on the Fenchurch pages.

Past Jobs

The team has played a major part in past repairs of No 3 Baxter, No 58850 (the "North London"), No 488 ("the Adams"), and No 592 (the "C-class"), [More about these jobs to be posted here later.] and has recentlly completed the repair of No 473 Birch Grove.

Future Plans

The team will be giving Baxter its 10-year boiler job in 2001, with the aim of running it again by early 2002. Baxter is fortunate in being in quite sound condition, especially in the boiler, so it should be easy to keep it running for many years to come.

Following Fenchurch's repair, and that of Baxter, the team will tackle a fresh job which is as yet undecided. The main possibilities are 27 and 30064.

It is our firm intention that at some time we will put Sharpthorn into working order, but at the moment this remains just a distant vision - perhaps in years to come it will be feasible. Read more about it on the Sharpthorn page.

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